Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vicotry is mine!!!!

So I went back to the GP with the intention to fight it out again and get what I needed.
I printed off a bunch of dysautonomia info. and was more than willing pull out those fightin' words.

However, I was in for a nice surprise I didn't need to fight for anything. This is the GP who took me on last year, or was it the year before? Anyway, no one else would take me or would even really listen to me except him. I'm talking about Western medicine here... It's been a fight every step of the way.

After my failed attempt with the first GP last week, I called the cardiologist to see if I could get in. I'm suppose to be going back every year anyway to get tests and a follow-up. Since it had almost been a year and I'm having these awesome cardio symptoms I figured going back would be a good idea. Apparently, not. The cardiologist refused to see me because "Last year you were fine, and it doesn't matter if you have new symptoms because you're fine." I brought up the fact that I need to be going each year anyway to keep an eye on everything "No you don't need to come in for a follow up, because last year you were fine." No amount of persuasion worked, and we eventually ended up in a very heated discussion. If I wanted to see her again, I would have to get a new referral and would have to wait a while. I was not impressed at the cardiologist's neglect and today went back to the GP to get a referral to a new one. I refuse to see any doctors that I have to fight with after an initial consult, it doesn't do any good for my mental health and I'm just sick of fighting with doctors.

This time, I saw the awesome GP as last week he was on vacation. I explained everything and he was on board with what I wanted. He did a bunch of blood work to look at everything (CBC, kidneys, thyroid, iron etc.) and make sure we haven't left anything out. He also said that way it would get me into the cardiologists faster. He ordered an echo which I need to do this week, and....thought it was important for me to see a neurologist considering everything that's going on. He's also more than willing to fill out my paperwork to go on disability and back to school since I am now pretty much unemployed (as of Sunday). Thanks EDS.

I'm still not anywhere close to seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, it's getting darker but it was nice to not have to fight today because I'm just plain tired of it all.
I'll be headed to appointment #4 later this week, so it could end up being a blog-post on it's own. I'm hoping not.

"I'm a mog.Half man, half dog. I'm my own best friend!"

(John Candy is Space Balls)

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