Thursday, December 30, 2010

GJ-tube drama, and a little monkey

"Dear: Jerome, I dislike your drama and have a brilliant idea to sort of replace you, and the drama. It's big and scary right now, but a thought none the less" -My facebook status this evening.

I guess it's no surprise that there is Jerome/EDS drama, so here it goes.

It's been 2mts and few days post-op and not too much has changed. Jerome is still healing, and the other day was bleeding a bit from the stoma, probably as a result of over-doing it. I still get reflux and feel sick anytime I put anything at all through J. If I have anything at all before I put something through (even two sips of juice) I will puke. The last two days have consisted of puking when there is nothing in my stomach and I'm feeding J. Whatever I put in, comes out and it's getting old.

This whole feeling sick when I ingest the food or liquids in the morning, has been going on since childhood. It's one of the biggest reasons why I hate breakfast. I'd also rather be sleeping instead.My sister has been puking first thing in her morning for years now. Maybe it's my turn ?

Here's what crossed my mind on the subway today. I need input.In theory, if I were to get a Nissen fundoplication it would stop the reflux and the puking. If I got just a plain G-tube (which is possible since I have J already, just a shorter tube) with a Mic-key button, it would be far less maintenance, I could put pureed foods in it, and I wouldn't have a tube hanging from my stomach. If I needed to puke for some reason, I'd have the G-tube. It would basically cut down all the drama, which would be very nice. Keep in mind this is just a thought, and I'm all about quality of life. Waddaya think?

Other than that, everything is good-ish.
School paperwork is coming along, and......Skating is still on the "can do" list :) The climbing gym trips with Monkey had to be replaced, so it's the beach in the summer and skating in the winter. We're more than okay with it.

Tomorrow is officially my last day as an IBI therapist. Thanks EDS.
There are a lot of mixed feelings about it, but right now I'm choosing to be greatful for all the priceless things I've learned and can take with me.

Here's a little video I made of mine and Monkey's day today...

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