Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Awesome GP does it again!!

I went to see Awesome GP yesterday to see what he could do,so I could get help with this GI stuff ASAP.

I won't bore you with details, but let's just say I've got it good!!!

Awesome GP didn't like the idea of me be being suck in the hospital getting fluids and things while I waited to get the fundo surgery. So he set up for home-care to come and hook me up. I'm at home with fluids and Zofran while he finds a young, open-minded surgeon who will take on me and my crazy body.

Another pump?! There's no way I'm going to use this gigantic dinosaur. I'm sure it's just as loud and obnoxious as the hospital pumps. I'm kicking it old school and using gravity! Then I can take my fluids anywhere in the house, and even hang the bags from a hammock. The poor delivery man was so confused when I wouldn't take the IV pole either.

Some needles, tubing, canula's, Zofran and fluids! I'm going to look like such a junkie after this...

I just finished packing up at box of supplies I don't need, and then got another one. Anyone want gauze? I have about 4yrs worth of it.

I got an "I'm proud of you" from my nurse today. I guess they're not used to having patients who are independent and can advocate like it's nobody's business. I didn't have to fight for anything today, after we cleared up the fact that I refuse to use the pump and IV pole, and we're doing this MY way.

The bendy posse is getting together again this weekend, so there will most definitely be a very entertaining/messed up post with pictures to come.

I also want to thank all my bendy friends for their advise and support. I've decided to scrap the TPN but still push for the fundo surgery. There's no way we'd make it through without each-other. It was so nice to talk with a bendy friend who's also getting fluids & Zofran at home, and kicking it old-school with gravity. It's because we're awesome :)


  1. Awesome! I hope the fluid/Zofran helps.
    (Adding Benadryl/Diphenhydramine might help with nausea, too, if you can tolerate it without being too sleepy.) And yay for no TPN...although I forgot to mention in my TPN-schpiel that Laila was on it after her fundo for a week or so because she wasn't in great shape nutrition-wise, before hand. That was a plus, as it took a while to get back to full feeds, especially going from j-feeds. So if you want more info, let me know.

  2. thats good news that you dont have to go into hospital for the iv. good luck. x