Saturday, November 20, 2010

A lot of firsts, and Clothes & braces part 2

Sitting in the world's most comfortable bed, and eating a bowl of ice cream.... I am doing that right now and it's wonderful.

I guess I'll start with the Jerome (gj-tube) drama.
Well it got infected, but I got antibiotics straight away and it's cleared up. The GI specialists said it was because A) I am "a little bit chubby". Hey, it's better then last time when I was "fat". What an ass. B) I have EDS. I say we're professional slow-wound healers. Tape is driving me INSANE, even paper-tape leaves epic rashes. A week after J got put in, I started sleeping without any thing on my skin to let it air out and heal. It was all fine until one morning, I woke up around 2:30am with the tube pulled down to my knees. There was a brief "holy shit!" then I cleaned J off, and put it back in. I was tempted to go back to my nice warm bed, but decided the ER would be a sensible idea. It was already infected, kept coming out, and I wasn't sure if it was back in place. The last thing I needed was to mess up the rest of my GI system. The ER doctor was excellent, we tried to flush it but it felt really weird. He ended up ordering a new gj-tube to get replaced a few days later, but I was not allowed to use the tube. Having to go back and ingest things that tasted gross wasn't fun. I went in to get the tube replaced and was ready to fight after my disaster of a hospital stay for the tube. It turned out that the doctor doing the procedure was a vascular surgeon, who knew a lot about EDS but I was his first type 3. He did a fleuroscophy first to see where J was, and what the problem was. Well we found out there were no problems. Apparently I was thinking straight when I cleaned up J and put it back in. Take that EDS!!

I've learned that I still can't eat anything in before at 1pm at the earliest. Also, that I need to put stuff through tube before anything in my stomach. Otherwise I end up puking, and whatever was in my stomach will not stay down.

Now for braces and clothes part 2.
A friend of mine had an extra ticket to the ballet tonight and thought I'd like to go. He was most definitely right. Yes, I can be a total girl. I used to go to the orchestra quite regularly. Trying to find clothes that could still fit was an adventure to say the least. I have three pairs of shoes that I can wear with the AFO's. The pair of skateboard and purple shoes would not be worn to the ballet. That left me with some black, but good looking men's shoes. Long gone are the days of wearing a cute dress and heels. I had lots of pants to wear, but they were all too big because I lost weight from dysautonomia, and they were too long as I used to wear heels with them. I found a pair that was once too small (so glad I had them) but they were too long. The Leuko-tape that sometimes holds my joints together was put to good use. This was the first time that I got really anxious and self-conscious about my braces. Luckily I got a quick pep-talk from one of the most awesome bendy friends and I was ready to take on the ballet. The show was amazing, I'm glad I didn't chicken out.

I have complied a pretty big list of all the different places that I've laid on the floor. It even included the time when I went to see Dalai Lama. The ballet is not a place for that. Staying upright for that length of time was difficult and uncomfortable. Maybe my body isn't cut out for that kind of thing anymore.

I still have to sort out the mess that went down at the hospital for my gj-tube placement, and for a few other things.The whole experience has pretty much sucked the life out of me. Apparently western medicine still really messes me up in the head. There are a handful of people in that group that I do still trust and they know it. Haha, no pressure for them! Awesome GP has gained about 10,000 points this month, I'm so glad to have him.

"Do you know the muffin man?"
"The muffin man?"
"The muffin man!!!"


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