Monday, November 29, 2010

Three Good Things 2nd edition

So, there are a lot of people who check this blog out...I know this because I have super-powers. Or, it could be the stats button I just found. I need reader participation for this post.

In the past week, I've listened to a lot of stupid things people say when they see this "disabled girl". The "I don't do pity" and "Thank you for your ignorance" lines were used quite a bit. Heaven forbid I get treated normally...

I have decided that, this is going to be another edition of Three Good Things...

1) I can finally play my didgeridoo again. It doesn't hurt J anymore, I can get some really good breathing exercise in, and completely chill out.

2) Laying on my stomach is once again possible (for about 30 min). It makes my hips, back and SI joint very happy.

3) Jerome can do vodka shots. You read it right.... It burns for a minute, but then it hits and you get drunk straight away. Don't tell me that if you had a tube, you wouldn't want to try it....

P.S. I have managed to stay out of the ER (dysautonomia) for over a month!! Greens mix, salt water and acupressure seem to be key.

Now it's your turn to add your Three Good Things (in the comments section).It doesn't matter what they are, because positive anything is better than negative nothing. I know you're pressure.


  1. 1)With this new cocktail of meds I'm on, my hands have been usable enough that I haven't needed help dressing myself for over 2 months, which is very cool.

    2)I finally found a pair of mittens that fit and are super warm! I have teeny tiny hands that are just a bit too big for kids' size mittens but too small for adults', but I found some Isotoner mittens that I wear all the time now and they really help with the Raynaud's.

    3)My hands were well enough Sunday to teach my wife how to make origami lanterns to put on our Christmas tree. I was thankful I remembered how (used to love doing origami) and even more thankful that I can still do some, if very slowly.

    (Congrats on staying out of the ER! Glad Jerome is working for you!)

  2. (Although my disability isn't visable, usually, it does suck and I'm not very good at staying positive about it. It's a variety of mental illnesses, including anxiety and depression.)

    Now for my three things!

    1) I called a store back when I realized they overcharged me by almost $20. I'll be getting the refund tomorrow, and the customer service rep was really nice.

    2) I made a new friend this week even though talking to a semi-stranger was scary, and we have a dog playdate set up.

    3) I went out to my knitting group last night even though my brain told me to stay in because I had been weepy all day. I ended up having a really great time - people even said it wasn't as much fun when I don't attend. :)

    Also -- Yay for the quickly getting drunk thing. You'll save money!

  3. I made the mistake of telling someone this morning that I had dislocated my knee twice already this morning and I could still feel it sliding around (oh yeah, it was that kind of morning...among everything else that was out of whack) and she goes "oh yeah, I do that all the time. Really smarts." Not looking for pity, but trying to explain the difference (I was in pain, I was not about to play the semantics game) I explained "no, I have a collagen disease, so my joints completely dislocate sometimes, some more than others, and my knee won't stay in at all today. I'm walking with my knee turned inside out."
    "Yeah, that's what mine feels like when I do it too. My husband just rubs it for a few minutes and it goes away. You should try that."
    *facepalm* Invisible diseases suck. They're too hard to explain and nobody gets it anyway.

    Good things (and today was a tough one):

    1. I started out being the only tech on the floor, then another tech finished her online courses so she was able to work (online competencies have to be completed by a certain date, otherwise, no work for you!). That was a HUGE weight off my shoulders!

    2. Me and 4 nurses cleaning up an ICU patient (she has been on our floor for a month now, very sad) and all of the nurses were about to toss their cookies and talking about getting new jobs. I was in the worst of the mess getting it done without so much as gagging (it helps that I gag all day long anyway so I don't notice my gag reflex so much anymore anyway ;P ). I was their hero ;P And I'm usually looking up to them. I felt special.

    3. Last minute decision to go to the grocery store instead of Subway on my way home. Got makings for a sandwich tomorrow for work, as well as enough for several more sandwiches and breakfast and snacks for 2 weeks. And saved a butt load.

    4. (because today was extra draining, so one more for good measure is good) I watched last night's Glee when I got home. I heart Glee. I smiled all through it. Which makes me happy!