Monday, March 28, 2011

There ain't no party like a tattoo tea-party!!!

Once upon a time, there was a group of bendable princesses. They had met in a far away land called Baltimore,where they promised to always remain friends. Finally one day,they reunited and got dressed up for a tea-party. Now,this wasn't any tea-party... It was a tattoo tea-party!!!!

That's right, not only were there scones, cucumber sandwiches and clotted creme...There was ink!

After they had enough of being all dainty and lady-like, they busted out the bendy tricks.

Who wouldn't want to ride off into the sunset with these princesses?

Some opted for the temporary option, as those princesses could slay any dragon with their eyes closed.

Then it was time to get down to important royal matters. The needles came out, and three princesses were ready to commit themselves to a lifetime of wonderful self-expressive art.

Princess Giggles wanted to go first. She may look innocent, but don't let that pretty face fool you.

She took those needles like a champ! Especially on the underside of her arm.

Ta Da!! Princess Giggles had the brilliant idea to combine sign language and text to say:"Zebras exist", with a lovely border from her favourite CD. This is based on the adage a lot of doctors are told "When you hear hoof beats, think of horses." Meaning, look for the most obvious symptoms and signs first. EDSer's say that "When you hear hoof beats, think zebras" or "Zebras exist." Meaning, don't just go after the obvious.

Next it was Princess Chuckles' turn. She wanted to try some Emla creme from the apothecary, complete with a frilly white glove.

Yes, a princess can have her tea and a tattoo. She can have it all!

We weren't sure if Princess Chuckles super-powers were at work or it was the creme, but it was a nice time to talk about the happenings around the kingdom.

With some new ink, Princess Chuckles can take down any knight in a jousting match.

Especially with her Endless Determination & Strength. Princess Chuckles wanted to bring new meaning to EDS, and do it her way!!

Next Princess Nakki's turn came. She was ready, especially since getting her shoulder put back together was no longer part of her royal duties. Ink was far better than any battle scars.

She also had a lovely time talking about those crazy unicorns running amok throughout the kingdom.

Oh my word! Princess Nakki isn't all sugar,spice and everything nice... Just kidding.

Princess Nakki was very happy with the final product. Especially since the blue ink glows in the dark! Also, that she can always carry a reminder about how far she has come on her journey,and to never lose sight of what's important.

Then it was time to have some more happy juice. All the princesses found their lack of proprioceptive awareness rather entertaining, since it was no different after some of that juice.

Court-jester Jerome provided some entertainment. Princess Nakki learned that she would rather stick to letting Jerome have vodka or rum instead. Red wine stained Jerome and his props.

The princesses laughed and laughed about breaking things, because they felt like they were the only ones in their kingdom who had such talent.

Princess must always be dainty, and dressed their best.

Until they get tired of it, throw on some pj's and apply more ink.

Since bendy princesses spend lots of time on the floor, they decided to compare toes to see who would fit in a glass slipper. Would it be a hyper-mobile, classical or vascular princess?

The stroke of midnight had passed, and the prince rode off in his carriage without a princess. Too bad for him. These princesses had the time of their lives and rocked that tea-party!

"And they all lived happily ever after....."


  1. This is fantastic. Grinning ear to ear.

  2. It looks like you guys had quite a nice time! Nice ink!

  3. Now that's a good time right there!!!! It looks like all the princesses had a marvelous time and the ink is absolutely beautiful!!!

    I got one last week on my chest (next to my sternal scar, my first battle wound) that says "Fighter" (as in, I fought what tried to kill me and kicked its ass!). And it means so much to me with everything I've been through. I think we all need something like this to remind us how strong, courageous, and beautiful we are.