Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ER visit # 3 in 2 weeks, Holy annoying Batman!

Guess what I spent the afternoon doing?
Guess what they gave me?

I think today was a result of having a subluxed neck (slowly recovering) and dysautonomia issues at the same time, both are hard to bounce back from on their own, combined appears to be a recipe for disaster.

I thought after Friday's fiasco, that I was all sorted with some new natural liquid add-in electrolytes, and spending the entire weekend in bed. Nope.
I did improve and felt like I was on my way to feeling human again, but when I woke up this morning after sleeping 10hrs, I felt like death.

Yesterday I was able to hold down a meal's worth of food and about 2.5L of liquids.
This morning, not even the electrolytes would stay down, my heart was a little nutso any time I changed positions, dizzy, sweaty, on and on...dysautonomia.

Got 1L of fluids and 50mg of Gravol(IV)
Blood work came back normal (surprise!!!, they never believe me that it's dysautonomia and not some crazy bacteria)

Was a pretty successful trip, didn't have to fight with stupid dr's, didn't need to chew up any gross meds, scored a bed right away and.....I got to take out my own IV, it made my week :)

I got the usual "Well since you know more about this than I do, you know when you need to come back for fluids..." and was discharged.

Funny enough this morning, the GI specialist called to say that they've bumped up the gj-tube surgery (no date yet)...I'll be calling them again to see if they can move it up sooner. Just think...I can push fluids through my own tube and avoid the ER all together.

Dysautonomia has slammed the EDS community this past month. Almost everyone I know, in person and online has been in the hospital or ER because of it. I was on facebook chat this morn. with one of my very close bendy friends who's stuck in the cardiac ward of John Hopkins with POTS. They can't figure out what to do with her :( If it weren't for social networking, and us being pro-active we'd probably all be dead by now. Thank you Facebook

For all by bendy friends who's asses are being kicked with POTS and whatever else, Just keep swimming and fight like hell.

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  1. Glad this was an easier visit. Weird that it's all hitting us now. The change of seasons maybe?