Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three good things...

I hope this post will be really interactive. I'm curious where my blog readers are coming from, and would like everyone to put in their two cents. The last two weeks have been nothing but hard, exhausting and gross. What I find helps, is to focus on the positives in each day. There are always at least three good things that happen to us before we go to bed, and that in itself is a small victory in a horrible day.

My three good things for today:
1) Got out of the house to get some yummy food (that I hope can be eaten), scored some new pen/pencil grips, supplements and vitamins drink for plan "D" to stay out of the ER.

2) It's a beautiful day and everyone is out. It's nice to see so many smiling people enjoying the little things life has to offer.

3) Grey's is on tonight. One of my bendy friends is coming over to watch, and we're going to chow down on ice cream :)

What are your 3 things ?
Don't be a stranger....

"Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful"
(Annette Funicello)


  1. From the UK.

    1: Our new kitten and our resident cat actually managed to fall asleep beside each other. No bickering. Fantastic.

    2: Ate yummy home made free range chicken soup. Thanks G xoxo

    3: Clicked on my reader and read your positive post. After the simply torrid
    time you are having with your health right now. It made me smile that you took time out to think yourself into positivity. They say its catching.

  2. From Missouri, USA

    1) Managed to convince my body to let me sleep in despite the back pain. And that extra hour was glorious.

    2) No work today, so I got to sit in my comfy chair (hardly a chair, just support so I can remain on the floor comfortably, which is where I want to be) and watch TV and chat online.

    3) Read your post. I do the same thing. After the crappiest of hellish days (or even when I'm just having a moment that I need to get over), I try to remember what's good in my life, even if it's nothing more than sitting down with an exceptionally wonderful bowl of Fruit Loops (instead of my usual multigrain cheerios). Because as bad as life may seem sometimes, the good is always greater. And people forget that sometimes.
    I had a friend today who could do nothing more than bitch about the ankle that was tired and achy from running this morning and how she didn't want to be at work. When I told her to look on the sunny side (tried every method of convincing I had in me that things were fine and that life is what you make it) and she still continued to whine, I just wanted to shake her and ask if she wanted to trade places with me for a day? Because I really do miss running. Or sitting at a nice calm desk all day without imense pain.

    I hope you get just MASSIVE response from this. And I think I'll do the same in my own blog (well, my LJ, since my blogspot blog doesn't have enough followers for something like this :P ).

  3. 1. Detroit Red Wings

    2. bow ties

    3. moustaches

  4. 3 good things for today...

    1. I made it through another major shoulder surgery and was told that it went well.

    2. I am being served all the diet ginger ale I care to drink.

    3. The hospital gave me an entire list of vegetarian & vegan options to choose meals from and they all sound delicious.

    EDS, dysautonomia & an intractable migraine have certainly been pushing me down these past few weeks, so it's nice to know there are others out there who get it. Sending feel-better thoughts to all who are suffering today!!

  5. 1. Got out gardening. Didn't even care that it was raining because good laughs were still shared.

    2. The shower felt great afterwards

    3. Picked up my Diploma from the post office tonight and found out I graduated with honours in Massage Therapy.


  6. Better late than never, right? :)

    1) The fall is here and trees are BEAUTIFUL!
    2) My first two midterms are DONE!
    3) My housemates and I are watching House tonight!