Thursday, October 28, 2010

Introducing Jerome, my gj-tube

So I rocked the tube!!
I was still being offered food today, even 10 minutes before the procedure. I didn't end up getting it done with general anesthesia, but instead with sedation and some locals. The techs putting in the tube were nothing but awesome. They read the info I gave them and were more than willing to do what made me comfortable. I could still feel a lot of it, as the locals don't really work on this girl, no matter what. I will say that having your stomach and jejunum poked and cut through feels really gross.

I'm still not allowed to have any of my supplements, so my body hates me today. I'm getting some pretty insane muscle cramps and joint pain. One of my nurses, thought it was because I had been laying down all day. Little did she know, I had been upright for most of the day, and the cramps are caused by lack of calcium and magnesium.

I'm hoping to be discharged tomorrow as I've managed to eat 3 slices of pizza (no gross hospital food for me) and have been up & about. If they don't let me go, this girl will no longer be sugar and spice, but instead will not be nice.

Without further adieu, I will introduce Jerome...

My stomach is still bloated and filled with air. It hurts to fart and burp. The tape from my IV's and Jerome are so itchy and driving me a bit insane. I'm anticipating some pretty crazy rashes and blisters. Oh, EDS you make life so interesting.

"She totally did her hair before surgery in case there was a McDreamy or McSteamy around"


  1. Nice tube!! I am sending major feel good wishes to you and behave yourself wishes to Jerome. Do you have a G-J button or is that planned for the future? I'll be quite interested to hear your tube perspective, as I've gleaned all of mine vicariously from my little pumpkin who can't talk yet. Another friend with a G-J kiddo introduced me to Mepilex AG (US trade name) for the tube/stoma site...might be worth checking out once your tape is off. But again, glad your procedure is done!!

  2. I'm hoping once I get my first change-out, depending on how things go to get it changed to a g-tube. I don't aspirate from my stomach, it's from dysphagia. Either way, I'd ideally like to end up with a mic-key button, so I don't have a tube hanging from me. Coban wrap is looking like a good option, as the tape is killer on the skin.

  3. I am a fellow tape hater!! Until you get a button, check out the Hollister drain attachment device. I used it for a j-p drain stabilizer and for my daughter's new g-tube. It's hydrocolloid, so low chance of allergy. If you can tolerate feeding through the g-tube as opposed j, absorption, particularly of medication. G-J mic-key is double lumen, so you have both ports in case you have a hard time with GERD or get a bad gastro bug.

  4. Xan, I hope you realize that I'll be harassing you about g-tube stuff from now on :) Thank you so much for the heads up. What would I do without social networking?