Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So close I can taste it

To be feeling human again, I'm so close.
It's been nice to be able to play my didgeridoo and sing at the top of my lungs again.

Although the last two weeks have been nothing but miserable, my recovery from the neck sublux has been rather quick. I had to wear my c-collar for about a week and a half, and it took about 8 days for the migraine to leave. For me, that's a new record. The previous two subluxes have taken more time to recover both lasting about 3 weeks. My neck is still crunchy and the muscles in my back and neck get tight but that's about it. Things are still a little unstable but it's gotten to the point that wearing the c-collar is uncomfortable (which is a good sign) and I'll take it.

As for the dysautonomia, things are progressing, just very slowly. I'm now able to eat and hold down a meal's worth of food and a snack for the day. I won't say it's easy to eat, because it's not. I get hungry but dread eating because I still feel gross after putting anything in my stomach. At least I can keep it down with only a bit of a struggle. That's huge considering I'd go 24 hours without food before I'd realize that I hadn't eaten. I never thought in a million years that I'd have to make myself eat, I love food. For the first time I think I fully understood what it was like to look at a plate of food, feel the need to cry. Yep, food can be overwhelming....weird eh? Knowing your favourite thing is sitting there waiting to be eaten, and all you can think of is how you're not the least bit hungry, even though it's been over 12 hours since you last put anything in your mouth. Or, how you know eating anything will make you want to barf no matter how good it tastes. Lastly, how consuming a normal portion of food seems like an insurmountable task with some major consequences.

My eyes have always been bigger than my stomach, but now it's become very apparent. On two occasions, I've gone out for Thai. Mmmmmmm my favourite thing in the world. I figured it would be a good motivator which it was, kind of. I'd order the usual spicy coconut soup (it's soooo good) and a main dish. Well, I can down most of the soup and about 8 bites of whatever else and that's it. After that, the thought of eating any more churns my stomach, but it's soooo good. The added bonus in all of this is that my grocery bill is a lot lower and I've got less dishes to wash.

In other dysautonomianess, my heart still likes to go all over the place, I still get the occasional bout of spins, feeling faint or like I need to jump out of my skin. The good thing is, that I don't feel like death anymore and haven't dragged my body from the couch to bed and back in a few days. My naturalpath suggested trying a greens vitamins powder mix to at least keep my body going with that. It tastes pretty gross, and mixing it with juice is a must, but my body was very happy to have some vitamins. I know that if I don't eat enough fruit or veg. my body starts to turn on me, I feel gross, get very cranky and will demand vegetables at any cost. Strange, I know.... That greens mix is currently my best friend. It also dissolves pretty well which will be nice for when I finally get the gj-tube.

Speaking of which... I called the GI specialist's after the 3rd ER visit to see what they could do. They've already got the ball rolling, and I've got a consult with the anesthesiologist soon (no actual date yet) then they can go ahead and put the tube in. In a sick and twisted way, I'm so excited to get it in, it will make life so much easier. I feel like a kid in a toy store, with thoughts of not having to chew up and swallow anything that tastes gross. I can just put it through the tube!

T-8 days until I get my new "legs" or rather AFO's!!! I'm really excited to be able to walk and stand with everything in it's place and not stretching the crap out of the tendons and ligaments. The only thing that makes me a little nervous is having to adjust to another brace, and dealing with even more gawkers, or people who will feel the need to tell me that jesus loves me or some crap like that. Ya know, cause I'm the poor disabled girl. I know they have the best intentions at hand, but doing that is ignorant and rude. I'm sure they'd be offended if I told them my pretty liberal thoughts about the world. I bet if I were a visible minority, nobody would say anything like that to me. I guess the other thing I'm not excited about is having to look in the mirror for the first time with the AFO's on and get a smack in the face with reality, knowing that it's not something temporary like all my other braces . Just another piece in the acceptance puzzle I guess. Getting rid of my current shoes, and having to find some new ones wont' be fun either. Options are already limited, so trying to find something that will work with huge hunks of plastic and metal will be a major undertaking. I've got some friends who said they'd come find shoes with me which is most awesome of them. I just hope I don't have a melt-down in the store when I see a pair that I love but can't wear anymore. The stupidest things set me off.

I'll just throw this in here, because it's rather interesting. One of my friends who worked with me, just got diagnosed with Loeys Dietz Syndrome. When we were working together, we both knew something funky was going on with our bodies and it strangely ended up that we both have a connective tissue disorder. This is what kind of makes me laugh. The odds of having a EDS III are 1/5,000-20,000. The odds of getting stuck my lightening are 1/6,250. Seriously?! I got the idea for this statistic from watching Grey's last week with my bendy friend. One of the characters pulled out the stat. of getting struck my lightening, we both looked at each-other and laughed. I looked into it and yes, the odds of getting struck by lightening could potentially be higher than ending up with EDS type 3.

" When written in Chinese, the word "crisis" is composed of two characters. One represents danger, the other opportunity."

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  1. Just found your site. I had never heard of EDS III before today. Thanks.