Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Importance of Fun

Sometimes you just have to do things because you can, and it's fun.

Things like...
- Puddle jumping
- Blowing bubbles
- Art
- Breaking plates for stress relief
- Singing at the top of your lungs
- Having food fights

-Turning finger-painting into face-painting and laughing about it until you cry.

Another item on that list for some, is laughing at the otherwise hard things in life. It's what keeps us sane, and allows us to have our heads where we like them.

I've been playing the avoidance game in terms of emotionally dealing with the whole needing a pump, and how it's going to change things that were not in the game plan. It's starting to catch up to me, and every stupid thing makes me want to cry. I'm not a crier...Most of the time, I choose to laugh. It reminds me to find the positives and roll with the punches.

My bendy friends are constantly coming up with some of the most hilarious and brilliant ideas. We all had a good laugh about one of them and decided to make it happen. This little project will hopefully evolve, but for now check this out....

Pretty bad-ass eh?

I want to use the same idea for something like this:

And just because this has been a popular saying among bendy friends:

One of my "best-est" bendy friends Sama posted this, and I think it's brilliant. Funny enough, we were both working on a post about the importance of fun at the same time without knowing it. It just goes to show what happens when minds think a-like.

"Us Zebras rule. Best gang of weirdo's everrrr!", "EDS Represent!", "L.A. Bitches!" "Fo Shizzle!" (Bendy friends)

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